Saturday, 24 August 2013

How to keep yourself motivated during your diet.

When New Year comes around, many of us us make the resolution to do something about our (over) weight. We join the newest weight loss diet and start to be part of a gym. After acouple of days, we find it troublesome to stay on the diet. We begin to lose our motivation to weigth loss. Admit it, things happen. Life happens and slowly we fall back into old habits and it's all over. If we want to be succesfull at losing weight we have to keep being motivated. In other words: we have to motivate ourselfs in some way.

Here are some valuable tips on how to keep yourself motivated to lose weight:

1. Take a picture of yourself before and after you start.

When you feel like eating some of the wrong foods, look at your picture when you were overweight. Do you really want to go back in time in your life were you were unhappy and misserable and you didn’t feel smart about yourself?

2. Keep a weight loss journal.

Writing down the quantity of pounds you have got lost over time, your daily food intake and exercise program can keep you targeted and on course. As you see your progres and your weight get lower and lower, you'll stay focused to lose a lot of weight til you reach your goal.

3. Break down your overall weight loss goal into little, realizable goals.

Reward yourself when you have achieved these milestones. for each ten pounds you lose, treat yourself, head to a spa, have your hair or nails done or obtain a cute outfit. Reward yourself but not with food.

4. Don’t forget what your purpose is for losing weight. The wy.

If you're losing weight to be healthy, think about the amount of energy you'll have after or however how less stressfull once you have lost the burden. If you're losing weight to suit into a different size, imagine however awesome you'll look once you wear that really nice dres you have been eager to work fo so long.

5. If your budget permits, rent a private trainer.

A private trainer won't realy calculate your sessions however he/she are able to keep you on course and motivated.

6. Exercise shouldn't be a duty and / or be painful.

Notice a fun exercise activity that you just want to follow. Attempt different activities try dancing maybe spinning or simply hiking outdoors. Hear cool music wich wil keep you moving witout you even noticing it. Maybe find someone to exercise with? A buddy. It is often much easyer if you are not alone in this. Studies have shown that if you're working together with someone, you'l have a lot les doubt to stay on an exercise program. We have all the knowledge we need at our fingertips in order to lose weight but what the majority lacks is the motivation to achieve success. Motivation is a huge part in weight loss success and much often underestimated. It is the key to success. Keeping these pointers in mind will send you on the proper path to achieving your weight loss goals.