Thursday, 5 September 2013

Some of my personal tips to Weight Loss.

Some of my personal tips to Weight Loss. Losing weight and thus fat is a subject more and more people talk about these days, the discussion never ends, it is all over the place tv, the web inside stores magazines etc. etc. Lots of us fail at this very simple task. We go on a diet, do it a couple of weeks only to get back to our old habbits, we fail. Often even gain more weight then we starting out with, the jojo effect Wy? Simple we want to enjoy life to its fullest eat lots of fastfood and live happily ever after, most of all we are addicted to a poison widely available to us at low prices. It is called sugar. The food industrie literally puts it in all processed foods. Sometimes we don't even notice it is there which brings me to the following point. Unfortunatly our body isn't lying and if you don't treat it the way you should you are sooner or later presented with the bill. This is the direct effect of your lifestyle. It starts with a few pounds a year, then the next year another few and before we even think about it our weight becomes a serious problem. Can we reverse it? Yes we can but not all of us. It takes a lot of discipline to do so and lots of time. Remember that you got overweight in a timespan of years, it would be naive to think we can reverse all this in a few weeks of time.

We need to stop talking about weight loss and take action now, to reverse the effects of abusing our bodies for all these years. Before we can change our way of life we first goto prepare ourselves to do so. I picked a couple of days for this myself but first i would like to tell you the reason wy. We eat way to much and to often at any time during the day. This means our stomach size is way to big, you be hungry very often and hence eat even more food. A stomach is like a balloon it streches and shrinks as it needs to, depending on how much we eat and how often. This means that prior to changing our life and doing something that really works is that we can shrink it down a bit ourselves. The effect will be that we can eat less and thus feel less hungry during the day, so we eat less automatic.

  • Eat almost nothing for 2 full days to prepare your body for a new lifestyle. One in which you are going to lose weight 100% sure.
  • Prepare yourself emotionally for what you are going to do and tell yourself that this is going to take a long time.
  • Don't throw away money on weird diet pills or diet plans that promiss you to lose 30lbs in 2 weeks it is not possible. The only way you are going to lose weight is in a slow but steady pace over a longer period of time.
  • On the right side of this blog you will find exellent diet plans which have been proven to work time after time at the cost of almost nothing. It is a good idea to check them out and check their video presentations.

    Be positive about changing your life and know in your hearth that you will not stop until your reach your goal. The power to do so is within you. You don't have to stay like this. You deserve a better healthier life but only you can make this happen for yourself.