Wednesday, 11 September 2013

HCG Diet – Does it Work?

Are you 1 of the millions of people that wants to lose weight and get healthier? Have you ever jumped from diet to diet to end up in disappointment? We know that obesity has become a widespread epidemic and that it will bring a wide range of health problems along the way. Being overweight and will result in several serious Health issues thus losing that weight is extremely crucial to your health. We need to find ways to burn that extra fat and the most prefered way is to do it without exercise. Although it will take a lot longer to do so without exercise it can be done.

A diet that has gained a lot of attention within the recent years is that the hCG diet. The diet has been here since the 1950s and it was developed by Dr. ATW Simeons. It works on the premise that hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin makes use of stored fat for energy. How will it do this?

HCG is usually present in high levels in pregnant women during the first stages of pregnancy then drops as the pregnancy progresses. The higher levels of HCG occurs when a woman does not yet know that she is pregnant and is not likely to yet be “eating for 2” Under the influence of hCG, a pregnant woman’s fat reserves are mobilized to be used to feed the fetus. This ensures that the fetus gets the necessary calories it needs for quick growth and development regardless of the pregnant woman’s eating habbits. Dr. Simeons also discovered that guys being treated for underdeveloped gonads with hCG ate less and the result was weight loss. This gave him the idea to start using hCG as a diet help.

Men and women can benefit from the hCG diet. Your ability to burn fat will be increased allowing your body to use this stored fat as energy. And it will curb your appetite so you eat less. This results in losing 1 to 2 pounds per day. With the hCG diet you need to take daily shots or oral drops of hCG for at least 23 days. Depending how your body responds, you can get a new round of treatment. On top of the drops you have to go on a very strict diet of 500 calories per day. You are probably wondering how you can survive the 500 calorie intake per day? Won't you get very hungry? The idea is that your body fat will be converted to fuel for your body hence the drops. Thus that body fat will turn into energy for you to use. As long as stored body fat is released into your body as fuel, 500 calories is all you need to sustain you during the day. It is vital to the success of this diet that you eat food high in protein and low in carbohydrates and fat.

Once you have lost the body fat after each round of treatment, you will need to adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep it of. The purpose of the hCG diet is to help you correct bad eating habits and banish any food addictions you might have. The month of treatment will make it possible for you to achieve this. You lose a lot of weight in very little time and learn to keep it off. If you tried every fat diet there is and were not successfull, then you could go for this alternative. The hCG diet is safe and it works and may be the key to your weight loss success.